Adult Class

Adult Class

Sunday Morning Class

The Book of Luke

Each lesson in Luke tells the life of Jesus, His birth, His life, His teachings and His death, all in accordance with God's plan for the redemption of all people who willingly and obediently follow His word.  Throughout Luke we will examine the unique life and example of Jesus through a series of "thought" questions regarding the scriptures as well as examining the numerous fulfillments of prophecies regarding Jesus. 

Wednesday Evening Class

Being a Christian

Being a Christian class is a topical study of what it means to be a Christian, to identify what a Christian is, how to live as a Christian, what a Christian marriage should be, how to be a fellow Christian, and how to be live as a Christian each and every day. 

You are invited to attend Sundays and Wednesday evenings to learn and grow with us as we learn how Jesus lived while on this earth and how we can grow as a Christian.